Shiatsu is a holistic massage form, based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang and the five elements. It considers a person to be a part of the cosmic energy construction and uses various forms of diagnosis and treatment. Shiatsu stems from a centuries old tradition, which has over the years become the system that it is today - a practical treatment method, with an abundance of theory, which offers scope for further development.

Zen Shiatsu offers it's own outlook on the origins of health complaints. The basis of this theory states that ill health occurs due to both physical and mental/emotional reasons. Every symptom of illness offers a message. This is not to say that a person causes his illness, but simply that there is a vulnerable area within the body. A chain always breaks at the weakest link and it is the same with any symptom of poor health. The most vulnerable area is always the first to be tested. Zen shiatsu does not only treat specific points on the energy channels - it treats the whole energy channel.

A shiatsu treatment takes place while the receiver lays fully clothed on a futon on the ground (a simple cotton mattress) The therapist treats the whole body using a variety of techniques including light palm pressure, directed thumb pressure on the energy channels, stretches and rotations. Each treatment is different and aims to provide what the receiver most needs at that particular moment. The aim is to encourage the energy to flow where there is a blockage or stagnation, and to awaken energy with a gentle and attentive touch, in those areas where there is a deficiency. This holistic treatment is effective on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The treatment takes one hour. The first appointment may take slightly longer.

What does a massage do?

Massage is a great way to relax physical as well as mental and has a strong influence on the general feeling of well-being. It improves the metabolism, stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system and relieves sore shoulders, headaches and backaches often immediately. It stimulates the bodies self-healing mechanism.
Enjoy your massage!
Your massage therapist can offer you so much more than treatment of symptoms. If your body is free of energy blockages, it will become stronger and healthier. The bodies capacity to heal itself will be enhanced.
You will feel healthier, less stressed, have more energy and a greater immunity against illness.

Costs for private individuals:
Traditional Shiatsu: € 65 per 60 minutes, incl. 21% vat
The treatment doesn't use your own risk.
A referral from the GP isn't necessary. You can send the invoice to the insurance company.
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