During work mode, no matter how much I enjoy my job, commitments build up, stress sneaks in and tenseness takes its toll.  Bi-weekly, during my work day, I get an In Touch Massage from Astrid.  In that half hour the world and its demands disappear.  Astrid, in deep slow movements, massages points in my back that are tense or tender.  I re-connect with my body and re-charge.  After the massage I am ready for the world again.  I am ready to give again.  
The American Book Center

"All my adult life I have suffered from migraine headache, and after receiving the initial treatment of Shiatsu I noticed that the migraines were beginning to stop and with time did not reoccur. I have been receiving Shiatsu by Astrid now for some 8 months and only have had the occasional mild headache, which is a true Godsend to anybody that has ever had a migraine. After treatments I feel revitalised, energised, and at the same time incredibly relaxed.
Astrid has an in-depth understanding of shiatsu and its applications . I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health, well-being or fitness".

Vittoria Azzarello

I would like to highlight the wellness and physical improvement experienced since I started the massage therapy more than 2 years and a half ago. My experience till now has been really satisfactory, since this therapeutic care has helped me to control stress, body tension, reduce muscular and articulation pain, cure circulatory problems and decrease nervous tension.

Moreover, we should not forget the human team of *In Touch Massage* I would emphasize their professionalism and personality, because they manage to motivate you through pure spiritual connection in order to improve your way of life, health and control of body and mind. Without any doubt, they succeed in releasing our body from toxins and stress, making us enjoy a feeling of lightness and wellness.
- Sayo Domenech – American Medical System Europe B.V.
Amsterdam 18.03.10

"The chairmassage given by Astrid is by far my best moment of the week...It helps a lot when having back problems, in order to feel better and more relaxed. We clearly feel the difference before/after the massage. Thanks a lot for this great moment!"

- Brice
American Medical Systems Europe B.V.