Touch Pro Chair Massage

David Palmer developed the Touch Pro Chair Massage method. All techniques used in the chair massage originate from Anma (traditional Japanese massage). Chair massage is a preventive therapy suitable for use in the workplace and can be used in combination with ergonomics or physiotherapy.

During a chair massage the client sits in a specially designed ergonomic chair. The massage concentrates on the areas of the body where stress is commonplace - back, shoulders, neck and arms - and stimulates the circulation, strengthening the natural immune system of the body. Chair massage promotes a feeling of well being.
There is no need to undress.


Chair massage encourages employees to become more aware of their posture, and the amount of tension present in their body during working hours. Employees become more aware of previously unnoticed signals, which the body sends out, and are able to react earlier to possible symptoms of illness. Chair masseurs can alert clients to the need to see a doctor or physiotherapist. Small complaints are therefore prevented from becoming full-blown symptoms of illness. Chair massage, in combination with an ergonomic workplace, can offer a preventative therapy within the general framework of a good healthcare system.

Why Massage in the workplace?

The effects of a massage are as follows:

• Massage boosts the energy flow and the blood circulation throughout the whole body, stimulating the body’s own self healing mechanisms.
• An In Touch Massage provides you with a quiet moment for yourself and leaves you feeling relaxed and energised.
• Massage encourages the development of body consciousness – what feels good, and what doesn't!
• Massage is also a preventive treatment. People in the best of health can ensure that they remain feeling good.
• Massage provides relief from pain and stress related symptoms – it reduces
aches and pains encouraging muscles to become supple, and vitality to return.

How to use In Touch Massage within your company?

• Regularly to maintain the physical well-being of your employees.
• At busy times, e.g. end of the financial year, to relieve stress.
• As a reward for a job well done.
• As a gift - a birthday or leaving present for a colleague.
• As a gift for an associated company.
• At special occasions - parties, promotions, trade fairs etc.

Why In Touch?

In Touch Massage works with a team of qualified and certified massage therapists, with a lot of experience. Most of us have a private practice of some kind. Our approach is personal and you can trust we take care of hygiene and confidentiality. In Touch works with shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu takes just a little more space, but is highly suitable for use at the office. Except for the shoes, you can stay fully clothed. It’s a full body treatment, during 30 minutes.

Costs for companies (on location):

Chair massage: € 65, - p.h., excl. 21% vat (3 chair massages per hour)

Shiatsu: € 65, - p.h., excl. 21% vat (2 shiatsu treatments per hour)
We offer a try-out at a reduced price. We offer an attractive reduction for sessions of 4 hours or more.

By making In Touch Massage available to your personnel, your company could also reap the treatment's proven rewards. The costs of massage are tax deductible. And by covering all, or a part, of the low price of In Touch Massages you will be actively demonstrating your appreciation of your employees. This appreciation is returned, while employees appreciate and feel good. If the conditions for offering the chair massage under the above Arbo facilities are not met, there is still the 'Work expense scheme'. Under this scheme, a certain percentage of the total taxable wage, the so-called free margin, can be spent on tax-free allowances and provisions for employees

Fiscal benefits for companies (pdf document)