Massages are given both on location and at our own studio. The duration of a massage depends on which massage you choose. A chair massage takes twenty minutes, while a shiatsu treatment lasts approx. one hour. For all massage techniques the client remains fully dressed. Try to plan in time for yourself after a massage. Massage appointments can be cancelled without cost up to 24 hours before an appointment is due to take place; cancellations that occur later will be charged in full.

In Touch Massage works with a variety of techniques, each of which has it’s own tradition.

During a shiatsu treatment, much attention is paid to diagnosis (in eastern not western medical terms) and the possible cause of any complaint. The treatment is centered on the discovery and treatment of any disbalance in the meridian system. With Thai massage more attention is given to a gentle stretching of the limbs. This is why Thai massage is sometimes called ‘yoga for lazy people’.

Chair Massage was initially developed to offer massage on location – hence the portable chair, the efficiency and the accessibility. Due to demand, In Touch now also offers Chair Massage in her studio.

I work in a quiet calm manner, open to what my client needs and in touch, so that we can both feel and experience the treatment in a relaxed frame of mind.